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document du bilan 2018


In view of the quality of the films which were shown, of the presence of guests, of discussions following screenings and of the growing number of spectators, we can say that this year’s festival was a wonderful success.
Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitania continues to gain momentum. While watching documentaries, motion pictures, and short films, we were able to travel to Palestine, truly celebrating Palestinian cinema. Today, this is a cultural event not to be missed in Toulouse and in our Region.
Thank you to spectators for attending this event, to all persons who gave their best for the success of this event, which has become a festival to be reckoned with in the film industry in Toulouse and its Region.
Thank you to contributors, film directors, lecturers, actors and musicians.
Thank you to the institutions which support us – the Town Council of Toulouse, the 31County Council, the Regional Council of Occitania Pyrénées Mediterranean region, the Qattan Foundation of Ramallah in Palestine and French Higher Education Audio Visual School of Jean-Jaurès University (ENSAV).
Thank you to all the theatres hosting this event - ABC, American Cosmograph, the Film Library, (La Cinémathèque), Cratère, French Higher Education Audio Visual School, the space dedicated to diversities and secularism, the Community centre of Bagatelle, associations, the Arènes High School, and the Jean-Jaurès junior high school of Colomiers.
Finally, thank you to the friends of Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitania who helped make this event a success as volunteers.


Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitanie confirms that its place in cultural events in the region is increasing. The attendance keeps growing, which proves that there is a strong public interest. An agreement has been signed with ENSAV, enabling a better participation by students in this school. We are approached by other venues that wish to take part in Ciné-Palestine. For the first time, on this 4th edition, screenings have been organized in Albi and Carmaux.

The audience greatly enjoyed the retrospective organized with the Cinémathèque (film library), as evidenced by the numerous questions voiced during the encounter with Tahar Chikhaoui, and the strong attendance for the three screenings (393 persons).

Thanks to the highly varied programming, new films came to the fore as well as classics and film lovers could discover the talent of young filmmakers.

The audience was thrilled by the presence of music, two films being shown that celebrate the passionate engagement of young Palestinian musicians. This screening, where the audience was numerous, was followed by a small concert in ENSAV, offered by young Palestinian musicians Yanal Staiti and Nawras Ibrahim.

Part of the audience remained faithful all along the event, which had influence far beyond the Toulouse setting.

The programming also fulfilled the expectations of a wide audience comprised of high school and university students, as well as all ages and social groups.

This event effectively mixed a variety of audiences : film lovers, literature fans, and these people who are keen, through a cultural experience, to better capture the complex reality of the other side of the Mediterranean sea.


  • 2,377 people attended one or several activities (screenings, readings, meetings). This shows a growth of the attendance by 15.83% as compared with the previous edition.
  • 8 days in Toulouse
  • 6 days in the Région Occitanie, Midi-Pyrénées > Aucamville, Auzielle, Bressols , Carmaux , Colomiers, Albi, Figeac
  • 15 movies theâtre Cave Poésie René Gouzenne, Cinémathèque, Cinéma ABC, Cinéma American Cosmograph, Cinéma Le Cratère, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Audio Visuel (ENSAV), Espace diversités laïcité, Maison de quartier de Bagatelle. Cinéma Jean-Marais, Studio7, La Muse, Clap Ciné, Le Central, Scène Nationale, Cinéma Charles Boyer
  • 28 screenings  
  • 19 films, some of them several times,
  • 2 schools > Lycée des Arènes (Toulouse), and Secondary school Jean-Jaurès (Colomiers)
  • 1 university ENSAV - Jean-Jaurès University

Screenings 1 first showing in France - 2 first showing in Toulouse

6 Fictions

  • Wajib by Annemarie Jacir (2017)
  • Salt of this Sea by Annemarie Jacir (2008)
  • Mars at Sunrise by Jessica Habie (2014). First showing in Toulouse.
  • Divine Intervention by Elia Suleiman (2002)
  • Chronicle of a Disappearance by Elia Suleiman (1996)
  • The Time That Remains by Elia Suleiman (2009).

8 documentaries including 5 shown for the first time in Toulouse

  • Ghost Hunting by Raed Andoni. First showing in Toulouse (2017)
  • Stitching Palestine by Carol Mansour First showing in Toulouse (2017)
  • It’s more than music by Anne Renardet (2016)
  • Just Play by Dimitri Chimenti (2012)
  • Off Frame AKA Revolution until Victory by Mohanad Yaqubi (2016)
  • À la rencontre d’un pays perdu (Encounter with a lost land) by Maryse Gargour (2015)
  • On récolte ce que l’on sème (One reaps what one sows) by Alaa Ashkar (2017). First showing in Figeac
  • 194. Nous, enfants du camp (194. Us, children of the camp) by Samer Salameh. Preview (2017)

5 short and medium-length films including 4 shown for the first time in Toulouse

  • Ave Maria by Basil Khalil (2015)
  • Ismail by Nora Alsharif (2012)
  • Le Dîner (The Dinner) by Maïs Darwazeh (2012)
  • A man returned by Mahdi Fleifel (2016)
  • Though I know the river is dry by Omar R. Hamilton (2013).
  • 1 bilingual reading Extract from a novel by Akram Musallam : L’histoire du scorpion qui ruisselait de sueur (The Tale of the Scorpion that Dripped with Sweat). Translation in Sign language Reading with Soleïma Arabi, sign language translation
  • A photo exhibition In the ABC movie theatre : Regards croisés sur la Palestine (Diverse perspectives on Palestine). The gazes of 3 photographers : Basile CRESPIN, Nicolas GARY and Serge NEGRE.

  • 12 guests >
  • 4 filmmakers : Raed Andoni, Anne Renardet, Samer Salameh, Carol Mansour
  • 1 codirector : Muna Khalidi
  • 1 actress : Soleïma Arabi
  • 2 film critics : Yasmine Haj and Tahar Chikhaoui
  • 1 head of the archive of Palestinian cinema : Khadijeh Habashneh
  • 1 academic : Lema Malek Salem
  • 2 musicians : Yanal Staiti and Nawras Ibrahim.

 20 volunteers
In addition to the organizing team (7 people), 20 volunteers ensured that the event ran smoothly and was a success, especially by welcoming the guests and seeing them along.

Evening Night at the American Cosmograph. The palestinian embroidery was invited


Thanks to the partnership between the Ciné-Palestine team and the department of Audio-visual studies of Lycée des Arènes in Toulouse, on Tuesday 6 March, a master class was held by Raed Andoni around his work as a filmmaker, focusing on his latest film, Ghost Hunting.

The master class gathered 130 students and was thoroughly prepared by the teaching staff. It led to a fruitful exchange between the students and the filmmaker.

The Ciné-Palestine team, the filmmaker and the teaching staff of the Lycée were happy with the results of the master class.

A screening of the short films was organized in Colomiers on Wednesday 7 March for the Collège Jean-Jaurès students. The Ciné-Palestine team noted that preliminary work was required with students so that they are able to approach the themes raised in the films.

Raed Andoni : Remarkable 24 hours in Toulouse, especially meeting
the students in 2:30 hours master class.


  • 535 participants To be in line with the release of films in commercial venues, we have set up the Ciné-Palestine Off Season scheme, including screenings from November 2017 to June 2018.


  • 5 November / Preview / Derrière les fronts, résistance et résilience en Palestine (Beyond the Frontlines - Resistance and resiliency in Palestine) /Alexandra Dols / American Cosmograph. With the film director and Dr Samah Jabr
  • 6 December / Un long été brûlant en Palestine (A long hot summer in Palestine) / Norma Marcos / Le Cratère. Jointly with the event “A propos d’Elle(s)”. With the film director


  • 16 January / Preview / Wajib/ With the film director
  • 1 February/ Derrière les fronts, résistance et résilience en Palestine (Beyond the Frontlines - Resistance and resiliency in Palestine) /Alexandra Dols / Scène Nationale, Albi. With Colette Berthès, member of the Ciné-Palestine team
  • 2 February / Preview / Wajib/ With Samir Arabi, member of the Ciné-Palestine team. Studio 7 cinema, Moteur ! Film festival, Auzielle
  • 16 March / Amreeka / Cherien Dabis / 2008. Maison de quartier de Bagatelle (Toulouse) with Yasmine Haj, journalist and film critic
  • 22 May. Au pied du mur / Gil Corre / American Cosmograph. With the film director. A partnership with AFPS.  


Institutional partners - France

  • The Toulouse municipality
  • The Conseil Départemental 31
  • The Conseil Régional Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée
  • ENSAV - Université Jean-Jaurès - Toulouse
  • Lycée des Arènes, Toulouse
  • Collège Jean-Jaurès, Colomiers.

Private funding : Palestine : A. M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah

Cultural partners

  • ABC
  • Cave Poésie René Gouzenne
  • Cinémathèque, Toulouse
  • Le Cratère
  • Espace Diversités Laïcité
  • American Cosmograph
  • Maison de quartier, Bagatelle


  • Cinéma Jean Marais, Aucamville
  • Studio 7, Auzielle
  • Cinéma la Muse, Bressols
  • Cinéma Charles Boyer, Figeac
  • Collectif Palestine Figeac
  • Comité Palestine 81
  • France Palestine Solidarité 82
  • Scène nationale, Albi
  • Clap Ciné, Carmaux.

Service providers

  • Hotel Castellane
  • Restaurant L’Âne qui tousse
  • Damaski : catering
  • Scopie print shop.
  • Gills Bouquillon ; photographer
  • Georges Rivière : designer

Support from festivals
Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitanie 2018 received the support of the Cinélatino festival in terms of communication

Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitanie organized by La Compagnie Ici, Là-Bas & Ailleurs

Association loi 1901 (a body under the French act passed in 1901)
11 rue Sainte Odile
Les Ondines
31100 Toulouse

Tel : +33638852179
Mail :
Websites :

Siret : 50426706300015
APE 8899B
License n° 2-1063503

Board members :
Jeanine Arabi, President,
Jean-Pierre Nicolin, Treasurer,
Dominique Daubagna, Secretary

In charge of organizing the 4th edition of Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitanie :

Saleem Albeik
Samir Arabi
Colette Berthès
Souad Labbize
Marie-Jo Pince
Roger Pujado
Jeanine Vernhes Arabi

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